Kinetic Sand for Kids

Best Surprised Gift for Kids

Let’s play safe and creative fun. Artistic and beautiful sand that can never dry out! You can’t put down the sand! Your kids can play inside and out without the dirt around it. Let’s make amazing sand sculpts with the next 6 plastic molds.

Let them build a picture, a house, and different shapes with this kinetic sand. It sticks to it and not to you – so it moves, moves and melts in front of your eyes. It flows with your fingers like a slow moving liquid, but leaves your hands completely dry. Create whatever you want and use it over and over again.

kinetic sand moulds set

The product made in India is dusty and smooth and has premium quality. So much fun when its wacky! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, This Sounds is so amazing that you can’t put it down.

Magic Sand ( Kinetic Sand ) with 6 Moulds ; Non-Sticky ; Great Creativity Booster ; 3+ Years

Safe for toddlers, Creative Sand can be use multiple, Hypoallergenic, Soft texture, no stains.

Use your imagination to create more shapes, this sand made of high quality materials are beautiful, smooth, strong and soft to the touch. This sea kinetic sandpaper is non-toxic and easy to clean.

It develops children’s intelligence and thinking. This sand has an easy shape or sculpture that preserves its shape and amazing art. This sand will never dry out or harden you can build over and over again.

It should only be used in a dry place and not near water. Wash hand and face thoroughly after use. Keep it away from fire.

Creative Sand for Kids – Kinetic Sand Kit for Kids Activity Toys | Soft Sand Clay Toys for Kids/Boys/Girls Without Mould & Tray – Approx 1 Kg

This creative Wonder Sand is an easy sand to mold into simple designs. Bring the sea into the house. Playing with it is magical and amazing, giving a moment of relaxation for young and old alike.

Wonder Sand

Smooth sand for children

The sand is very soft and satisfying and the quality of the product is very good. I love the frame they have given in the box so we can play with the sand without making too much dirt

There are 6 colors available. All the colors are written in sequence. Order the color you want.

Smooth Sand for Kids (Purple 500 Grams), ONE Big Mould Inside (Without Tray)

A very cool product for the price it is delivered, the kids enjoy it and it is very different. It’s very highly recommended.

This sand clay is very easy to use

This is a great way to keep your kids involved for a few hours. The product is well designed

It comes in the form of a plastic animal with 5 small fungi that help children make shapes.

The sand itself is sticky like clay and holds its shape well without breaking the sand particles. Good shopping goes with it.

Kinetic Never Dries Sand Clay, 2 Colours with 6 Moulds, (500gm + 500 gm Duo Multicolour Sand) and Inflatable Tray in Air Tight Container..(Made in India)

Glittery Sparkly Sand

Glittery Sparkly Sand

Kinetic Sand Metallic Sand Assortment, Multi Color

Kinetic Sand stimulates children’s creativity, easily cleans up and it sticks to itself not to you Squeezable sand you cannot put down

Add some shimmer do your DIY crafts and handmade projects with this Metallic Glitter Sand. The perfect addition to your craft supplies, this sand is ideal for a sand ceremony during. Also great for holiday crafting projects, DIY creations and more.

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